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Payment solutions for mobile and web

We are working with one of the leading financial services provider in Europe that is offering online gateways for processing of online payments. Maxsoft helped with the development of a mobile payment solution for iOS, Android and Web, and provided user-friendly payment applications for all mobile devices as well as websites. The applications and web modules are very comprehensive and includes all commonly used payment methods of online payment. The experienced team of specialists at Maxsoft is committed to support mobile online merchants with in-depth knowledge and to work together with them hand in hand to increase their revenue and the quality of their payments solutions.

Viber chat bots - it's easier than you think

With Viber’s APIs, you can create unique experiences for users at scale. There are no registration fees and our team is here to support you through the development and integration process. It’s becoming very clear that chat bots are here to stay, and for good reason. During 2016 alone, more than 30,000 branded chat bots hit the market. The impact has been so massive that businesses and marketers alike have already proclaimed 2017 as the year of the bot. As a new means of communicating with users and possible consumers, chat bots are able to interact with humans on a personal and engaging level, reminding potential customers of the type of brand-consumer connection they’ve been missing.

The rise of bots is due to an increasing usage of messenger apps, with research showing that over 66% of people have used a messaging app to communicate with businesses just last year. The need for a personal and instant response is driving consumers to connect with chat bots rather than with actual humans.

If you want your personal chat bot in Viber contact us.