Business Messages on Viber with MaxSoft

From bank transfers to medical results, Business Messages allow you to send and receive promotions and services from your company to clients. 
Interested in partnering with MaxSoft regarding Viber Business Messages? Learn more about Business Messages on Viber for business page and contact us to test them for free.

What are Business Messages?

Business Messages are sent from companies to their clients. You can identify them by looking for Viber’s verified icon  next to their name.
The messages will appear in your chat list like any other chat and can be deleted or pinned/favorited to the top of your chat list. To find a Business Message, type the name of the company (or phrase contained in the message) in the search field    of your chat screen.
To find out more about the company that sent you a Business Message, open the message and tap/click on the information icon  at the top of the screen.

Interact with companies

In some chats, you will be able to respond to Business Messages. Interact with the company like you would in any other chat by sending text messages, photos, files, and GIFs. You can also format your messages to emphasize certain parts of the text.
If you want to respond to a specific message that was sent, make sure to reply to it:
  1. Long tap/click on a message
  2. Tap/click Reply
  3. Enter your message and send
Some Business Messages may include a button that you need to press to receive a service. Always double-check that the service provider has a ‘verified’ icon next to their name before you press any buttons or links on Viber.
To view all media, links, and files sent in the chat, tap on the 3 dots  at the top of the screen.

Use MaxSoft Business Messaging administration website or integrate with Maxsoft API for Viber Business Messaging

We have available both API and Viber Business Messages administrative console available.

You can import your contacts, create messaging templates, use Excel for messaging import, send to groups, receive messaging notifications and many more.

Our business messaging API is very easy to use, reliable, fast and convenient.

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