Maxsoft is a software company that can lead you through all the stages of the development lifecycle of creating enterprise applications. Our teams of professional developers and engineers can help you deliver any functionality and resolve complex problems. We care about delivering the desired functionality, preparing the relevant documentation, covering the code with testing and communicating with the client to be sure of full satisfaction of the end result.

Health care

This software was created from scratch and covered functionality for keeping track of patients, illnesses, doctors etc. It contained automated creation of invoices, information regarding health insurance, payments and time.


A web-based software that provides automation for online businesses selling on eBay, Amazon or their own website. We worked on creating new functionality, refactoring existing code using latest code standards, supporting and optimizing the database schema and stored procedures, creating new services etc.


Our teams were involved in creating module that abstracts the game launch logic out of Core and the Gaming sites.

Translation management systems

This large enterprise project has service oriented architecture with main focus on security and access control. Our teams had been involved in helping delivering web, service and desktop functionality.

Why MaxSoft?


Our mission is to help our customers to create their dream products by reducing time and costs.


We are motivated to accelerate your growth, to help you straighten your positions in the market by bringing quality and complete solutions and services.



We are establishing trustful partnerships and are dedicated to resolve intractable problems by minimizing the risk and simplifying complexity.


We are next to you in all the stages of creation and realization of your ideas.

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